4th annual London Greek Film Festival: 17-25 October 2011
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Film Category: short

Original Title: I, II, III

English Title: I, II, III (one, two, three)

Greek Title: I, II, III

Duration: 04.29

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Maria Aggeli, Varvara Karamanou

Producer: Maria Aggeli, Varvara Karamanou 

Production Company / Companies: Independent Company

Brief synopsis in English:

This is a short experimental film introducing the story of a couple. Its about building a world to host and hide one’s darkest thoughts, dreams and desires. We have tried to create a visual that gives to the viewer the chance to see through the protagonists’ eyes and feel their delusions.

Furthermore we would like to raise questions about the conscious and subconscious, how much do these affect our lives and how much does someone choose to acknowledge them. In these film they are as important as the protagonists.

Do we chose to ignore reality and built a life, the perfect life, in our imagination, or are  we so emotionally and mentally detached that we can not actually face or tell the truth?

Release Date: 25th of May 2011

Original Format: Mini DV

Credits (music, cast etc): 


Maria Karazanou, Valantis Fraggos

Producers: Anna Katsouraki, Anna Karamanou, Danilena Maniou

Directors: Maria Aggeli, Varvara Karamanou

Cimematographer: Maria Aggeli

Assistant Directors: Eirini Koutoula, Danilena Maniou

Art Directors: Maria Aggeli, Varvara Karamanou

Editing: Varvara Karamanou

Special Thanks to: The people at the Skaramanga Squat, The New York College of Athens, Manolis Karamanos, Stefania Vourazeri, Vasilis Asimakopoulos, Vangelis Anthimos

Original Language(s):

English Subtitles (if need it: Yes/No):




I, II, III from Vana Karamanou on Vimeo.























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