4th annual London Greek Film Festival: 17-25 October 2011
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Film Category: fiction feature

Original Title: Άπνοια

English Title: Apnea

Greek Title: Άπνοια

Duration: 87’

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Ari Bafalouka

Producer: Elisabeth Tsouctidi / Ari Bafalouka

Production Company / Companies:  Artwave Productions ltd

Brief synopsis in English:

Dimitris, a 23 year-old swimmer, dives into the water of a dark pool after achieving success in the European Championships. He has fulfilled the dream of a lifetime, but feels emptier than ever. As his body floats in the water, memories from the past come flooding into his mind, reminding him about his relationship with Elsa, an environmental activist who has mysteriously disappeared.

Release Date: 9/2010

Original Format: 35mm

Credits (music, cast etc):

Sotiris Pastras / Yioulika Skafida / George Karamichos / Andrianna Babali  / Vangelis Rokκos / Akyllas Karazisis / Lydia Fotopoulou / Nikos Nikolaou / George Symeonidis  / Iro Moukiou / Antonis Karystinos / Alexandros Balamotis / Nataly Pavlof / Dora Samsona

Director / Réalisateur: Ari Bafalouka Screenplay / Scénario: Yiannis Tsiros Director of Photography / Directeur de la Photographie: Elias Adamis Set Decorator / Décors: Stamatis Deligiannis Costumes / Costumier: Maria Karapouliou Editing / Montage: Alexis Pezas / Ari Bafalouka Sound / Son: Nikos Bougioukos Music / Musique: Nikos Kypourgos Line Producer / Directeur de production: Maria Powell Producers / Producteurs: Elisabeth Tsouctidi / Ari Bafalouka Production / Production: Artwave Production With support from / Avec le soutien de: Greek Film Centre / Nova

Original Language(s):  Greek

English Subtitles (if need it: Yes/No): Yes
























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