4th annual London Greek Film Festival: 17-25 October 2011
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Film Category: short / experimental

Original Title: Bluescreen and the Politics of Loneliness

English Title: Bluescreen and the Politics of Loneliness

Greek Title: Bluescreen και η Πολιτική της Μοναξιάς

Duration: 00:14:55

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Maria Zervos

Producer: Maria Zervos

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: The experimental film “Bluescreen and the Politics of Loneliness” presents readings of series of poems inside a plain blue room. A “journey” through poetry and politics, space and utopia.

Brief synopsis in Greek: To πειραματικό φιλμ “Bluescreen and the Politics of Loneliness” παρουσιάζει την ανάγνωση μιας σειράς ποιημάτων μέσα σε έναν μονόχρωμο μπλε χώρο. Ένα “ταξίδι” μεταξύ ποίησης και πολιτικής, τόπου και ουτοπίας.

Release Date: March 2011

Original Format: HD

Credits (music, cast etc): Poetry: Maria Zervos; Translation: Heather Kouris; Performance: Maria Zervos; Equipment: Arctos Broadcast Facilities

Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles (if need it: Yes/No): Greek Subtitles





















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