4th annual London Greek Film Festival: 17-25 October 2011
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Film Category: video art

Original Title: LULLABY

English Title: LULLABY

Greek Title: LULLABY

Duration: 2min40sec

Country of origin: Greece

Director: GM Touliatou 

Producer: GM Touliatou

Production Company / Companies: “Independent Production”

Brief synopsis in English:

The general scene of the present video is sited in a park at St Petersburg (Russia) a hot day, early June. All the contextless gaps, these ‘obsene’ citations of bodies, these sounds waiting for a language, seem to certify, by ‘disorder’ referred to an unknown order, that there is something else, something other (even than a personally ideal illustration of a ‘Mad Girl’s Song’). But at the same time, they narrate interminably the expectation of an impossible presence that transforms into its own body the traces it has left behind.

Release Date: 27.06.2011

Original Format: MINI DV

Credits (music, cast etc): Text: Silvia Plath

Original Language(s): English





















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