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Film Category: fiction feature

Original Title: Medea

English Title:  Medea

Greek Title: -

Duration: 66 min.

Country of origin: Russia

Director: Natalia Kuznetsova

Producer: Natalia Kuznetsova

Production Company / Companies: “Independent Production”

Brief synopsis in English:

Film was created by the tragedy of Seneca (based on the famous Greek myth about the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece ) in a new for cinema genre of Rhythmodrama, in which the main basis of acting and atmosphere is music written before shooting. Music lasts for 64 minutes in 66 minute’s film. Actors repeated under music, following temporhythm of music during reading of the poem (there are no vocals in the film). Music defined the mood of scenes and the order of montage.
Medea, the Colchian princess in past, just has learned that her husband Jason has to marry Creusa, daughter of king Creon. Broken-hearted, she cannot believe that Jason, for whom she has performed a lot of crimes, can abandon her.
So she decided to return Jason or take revenge. Her vengeance will be awful, because Medea is not a simple woman, she is sorceress, and weird forces come to her under her call.

Release Date: 2009

Original Format: HDV

Credits (music, cast etc):

1.      Director - Natalia Kuznetsova.
2.      Scriptwriter - Natalia Kuznetsova.
3.      Composer - Natalia Kuznetsova.
4.      Camera - Natalia Kuznetsova.
5.      Artist – Ivan Malgin.
6.      Producer - Natalia Kuznetsova.
7.      Leading roles - Lilian Navrozashvili (“Wolfhound” etc.), Kim Druzhinin (“To catch witch” etc.)
8.      Other roles- Alexander Anisimov, Galina Petrova, Mikhail KHomichenok, Bogdan Rubanov, Oleg Yudin, Andrey Ershov, Dmitry Serdyuk.

URL video: www.medea-film.narod.ru/english/video.htm

Original Language(s): Russian

English Subtitles (if need it: Yes/No): Yes





















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