4th annual London Greek Film Festival: 17-25 October 2011
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Film Category: experimental

Original Title: SLEEPWALKER

English Title: SLEEPWALKER

Greek Title: ΥΠΝΟΒΑΤΗΣ

Duration: 20 minutes

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Jim Zogas

Producer: Jim Zogas Elena Pavlea

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English:

A pianist strokes the last keys of her life, a melody which signifies the beginning or the end, a melody that haunts the dreams of a child in a permanent tryst with time. His return to a familiar house full of memories will carry him to a dream world or to a nightmare, to the past or the present.
What happens when the fine line between dreams and reality is crossed? The truth of a world of projections and impressions instead of reality could be revealed.
A child experiencing a dismantled and unanswered enigma without a beginning or an end becomes a spectator in a journey of illusions and a protagonist in an uncertain reality within a world full of emotions, sensations, sounds and images.
How many times can one wake from within his own dream?
Can a sleepwalker remove himself from his own reality?
Possibly never.

Release Date: 1/9/11

Original Format: HD 1080p

Credits (music, cast etc):

Original Music Score: Elena Pavlea / Script: Jim Zogas, Adrianna Sapriki, Elena Pavlea / Actors, Actresses: Agis Emmaouil, Valia Papalambropoulou, Orfeas Kalafatis-Korotzis/Musicians: Cello-Dimitris Papadopoulos, Soprano- Nina Kassis, Piano: Elena Pavlea / Poetry: Violetta Marantou / Costume: Cleon Manouselis Fyssekis / Translation: Tatiana Moutsouroufis

Original Language(s): English-Greek

English Subtitles (if need it: Yes/No): No


























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