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Film Category: short

Original Title: «το όνειρο»

English Title: “the dream”

Greek Title: «το όνειρο»

Duration: 5 min

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Avraam ( Abraham) Papadopoulos

Producer: Avraam ( Abraham) Papadopoulos

Production Company / Companies: Action & Play

Brief synopsis in English: If we want our dream not to turn into a nightmare, or a nightmare to make life, let us consider what WE do about it. The film is a dream of consciousness that tries to awaken the inner ego, to save the planet and in essence to save ourselves

Brief synopsis in Greek: Αν δεν θέλουμε το όνειρό μας να γίνει εφιάλτης , ή ο εφιάλτης να γίνει η ζωή μας, ας αναλογιστούμε τι κάνουμε γι’αυτό. Η ταινία δείχνει ένα όνειρο συνείδησης η οποία προασπαθεί να ξυπνήσει το εσώτερω εγώ μας για να σώσουμε τον πλανήτη και στην ουσία να σωθούμε κ εμείς.

Release Date: 05/09/2011

Original Format: DVD PAL

Credits (music, cast etc): Director - Screenplay- Producer: Abraham Papadopoulos, Associate Producer: Action & Play, Organization of Production: Dimitris Vorris, Cinematography: Abraham Papadopoulos, Editing: Elena Athanasioiu, Assistant Director – Script: Nefeli Rapti, Assistant Director of Photography: Dimitris Mitsionis, Sound mixing: Manolis Makridakis, Sound Design: Petros Thomaidis, Designer: Anastasia Kakoulidou, Costume: Gordana Celic, Hair and Makeup: Katrin & Eustathia Strati, Production Manager: Sofia Tsikli Papadopoulou, Cast: Katrin Strati, Areti Strati. We d like also to thank Nikos and Zaxaroula

Original Language(s): Greeks

English Subtitles (if need it: Yes/No): NO


























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