4th annual London Greek Film Festival: 17-25 October 2011
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Film Category: short

Original Title: The real me

English Title: The real me

Greek Title: -

Duration: 10:40

Country of origin: UK

Director: Guy Simmonds

Brief synopsis in English:

‘The Real Me’ is a coming of age story.  Penny is Greek and Shaz comes from a very traditional Turkish family.  Despite the division of their cultures, due to the war in Cyprus between the Greek and Turkish people, the girl’s are best friends. 

Penny is desperately in love with Shaz. Penny fights every day to hide the “real Penny” from Shaz.  Penny is terrified that if she were to reveal her true self that she would lose her best friend and the only person she has ever really loved.

At a party both girls share an intense first kiss.  However, every action has a consequence. Will Shaz feel the same way? Can they overcome their strict cultural differences?  Or will the real Penny be left broken hearted?

Release Date: 2010

Original Format: video



Penny – Marilyn Friday

Shaz – Rebecca Eve

Josh – Tom Westby


Director – Guy Simmonds

Produced by – Marilyn Friday & Phil MJ Bowman

Written By – Marilyn Friday

Script Supervisor – Matthew Boughton

Camera – Ben Foat

Casting Director – Samantha How

Assistant Director – Rebecca Windsor

Sound – Jon Foat

Costume & Make-up Artist – Aimie Quinn

Art Director – Vicky Read

Editor – Phil MJ Bowman

Production Company: A Friday Films Production


With Special Thanks To…

Maren Farrah

Mike Anderson

The Theatre Royal Stratford East

The Bridge Theatre Training Company

Paris Café and Restaurant

Original Language(s): English





















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