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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2012

Film Category: SHORT                            WORLD PREMIERE

Original Title: Anasa

English Title: Breath

Greek Title: Ανάσα

Duration: 9’51’’

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Dimitra Giannouka

Producer: Dimitra Giannouka- Alexandros Chartonas (LifeOfFilm)

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: A morning phone call, a trembling voice and some news that were about to be told: Mom is dying… Telemachus is driving to the city hospital carrying a burden, along with a highest commitment. The end of this trip will bring his redemption throughout a new meaning, a breath of life.

Brief synopsis in Greek: Ένα πρωινό τηλεφώνημα, μια τρεμάμενη φωνή κι ένα μαντάτο που περίμενε να ειπωθεί: Η μαμά πεθαίνει. Ο Τηλέμαχος οδηγεί προς την πόλη μ’ ένα βάρος και μια ύψιστη υποχρέωση συνάμα. Το τέλος του ταξιδιού θα φέρει τη λύτρωση, κι η βαριά πνοή που πλακώνει το στέρνο του θα χαθεί για πάντα μέσα από ένα καινούριο νόημα, μια ανάσα ζωής.

Release Date:30/05/2012

Original Format: full HD 1080p


Written and directed by Dimitra Giannouka

Telemachus-Giannis Vagionas

Sister-Zoe Valioti

Vet- Dimitris Gkampouras

DoP-Alex Chartonas

Music-Thanos Perperas

Editing-Alex Chartonas

Colourist-Dimitra Giannouka

Boom Operator-Stathis Krachtis

Gaffer-Nikos Thomos

Based upon the original story by Thodoris Krachtis

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes





















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