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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2012

Film Category: SHORT                            UK PREMIERE

Original Title: ΑΠΟΓΡΑΦΗ

English Title: INVENTORY

Greek Title: ΑΠΟΓΡΑΦΗ

Duration: 15 minutes

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Vangelis Kalambakas

Producer: Panayiotis Kyriakoulakos

Production Company / Companies: Fantasia Audiovisual, Cinegram S.A., FilmSixteen, Greek Film Centre

Brief synopsis in English: Bound in an armchair, a man witnesses the transportation of his belongings into his new space, while an off-screen female voice keeps track of the inventory. Throughout this process, he looks with fascination at a series of chronologically archived photographic transparencies of the sky against the ever diminishing sunlight. A common house fly and other intruders add a peculiar twist to this journey, which at the end finds the hero practically burried in his own material possessions and memories. A metaphor about the human condition and an allegory of the current political circumstance.

Release Date: June 2009

Original Format: DVCPRO50 transfered to 35mm


lead role:                      MANOS VAKOUSSIS

other cast:                     YIOTA FESTA, DIMITRIS SAMOLIS,   DENNIS BARBETTAS

cinematography:            ELIAS KONSTANTAKOPOULOS

editing:                         IOANNA SPILIOPOULOU

sets / costumes:            ANGELIKI SAMARA

sound:                          PHILIPPOS BOURAIMIS, COSTAS VARYBOPIOTIS

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes






















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