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London Greek Film Festival - Scripts 2012

Script Category: FICTION FEATURE                           

Original Title:  Melina

Original language(s): English

English Title:  Melina

Greek Title:  Μελίνα

Writer(s):  Nickolas Marentes

Country of origin:  Australia


Brief synopsis in English:

Melina, a picturesque traditional Greek village shielded from the influences of the outside world by its mayor, a leader who has inspired the residents with a strong sense of community spirit.

But his dream is destroyed when he is forced to retire due to illness and the newly appointed mayor has plans to exploit the village as a major tourist destination.

As the villagers struggle with the changes, they place their hopes on the return of the former mayor's son to restore the spirit of Melina.


Completed Date: 15th April 2012

Pages: 120





















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