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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2012

Film Category: SHORT                            WORLD PREMIERE

Original Title: H ΣΤΕΛΛΑ ΚΙ ΕΓΩ

English Title: STELLA AND I

Greek Title: Η ΣΤΕΛΛΑ ΚΙ ΕΓΩ

Duration: 4.30΄

Country of origin: GREECE



Production Company / Companies: T-SHORT

Brief synopsis in English: In a middle class living room, dressed-in-black relatives are gathered to express their condolences to the family for the death of the grandmother. The little son of the family is bored, until Stella appears, the daughter of a friendís of his mother, with whom he falls in love instantly. Now his only purpose becomes to get her attention.

Brief synopsis in Greek: Σε ένα μεσαοαστικό σαλόνι μαυροφορεμένοι συγγενείς συλλυπούνται την οικογένεια για τον θάνατο της γιαγιάς. Το μικρό αγόρι της οικογένειας βαριέται, μέχρι που εμφανίζεται η Στέλλα, η κόρη μιας φίλης της μαμάς του, την οποία και ερωτεύεται αμέσως. Στόχος του πλέον είναι να κερδίσει την προσοχή της.

Release Date: 2012

Original Format: xdcam


Cast: Boy Andreas Chronopoulos, Stella Xenia Andresaki

Director Of Photography Dimitris Koukas

Art Director Kyriaki Tsitsa

Music by Christos Triantafyllou

Editing by Nickos Myrtou

Mixed by Thanos Fotopoulos

Original Language(s): GREEK

English Subtitles: YES





















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