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London Greek Film Festival - Screenplays 2013

Bailout V. Written by Ioannis Nomikoudis. Greece, 2012.


Script Category: Fiction film

Original Title: Bailout V

Original language(s): Greek

English Title: Bailout V

Greek Title: Μνημόνιο 5

Writer(s): Ioannis Nomikoudis 

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English:

Nikos is a 40 years old unemployed man, an irresponsible and lazy guy. Nobody, apart from his son Marcos, esteems him. His brother George, unemployed as well, an immoral man, who dominates over Nikos, has noticed that Nikos looks like the famous actor Stratos Kyriakopoylos. George proposed to his brother to kidnap Kyriakopoylos and then Nikos get the Identity Card of the actor and falsify his signature, to withdraw as much money he can.The plan is progressing well, the brothers kidnap actor and carry him to a warehouse and Nikos, shaved and dressed with actor’s clothes, goes to the bank.

The previous night demonstrations and conflicts took place in the city. For that, two policemen are asking Nikos his ID, when he arrives outside the first bank Kyriacopoulos has an account. They think that he is the actor and leave him, he is entering the bank, where he realizes that the actor had withdrawed all his money. Nervous and terryfied, he goes to the second bank, where, not without troubles, eventually he is getting 600,000 euros, putting them in his bag, walking toward the exit, when ... Journalists, reporters and photographers waiting for him outside the bank and the two policemen pushing him in a luxury car and they are going to the Parliament…… What has happened?

The actor was candidate with the political party "The Proud Homeland", and he was a runner-up at parliament elections. The day before his kidnapping, the Parliament voted about the Bailout V, but one of the 'Proud Homeland' MPs voted against Bailout, he loomed and Kyriacopoulos took his position in the party and Parliament. When Nikos is arriving the Parliament, he is told that the evening he will attend the Parliament meeting, where the ruling coalition has 150 votes and Bailout V needs the vote of Kyriacopoulos - Nikos to be passed.

During the day Nikos becomes the most famous person in Greece, Europe and the world, as if the Bailout is not passed, Greece will fail, and euro and Euro zone  will be collapsed. He also learns that Kiriakopoulos is a passionate gambler, who has borrowed a lot of money by a  gangster, when a man of him is coming in the office, punching Nikos and asking the money or a public project for his boss. Nikos, horrified, is calling his brother, who is in panic as well and then he tries to escape the Parliament, but reporters are recognizing him and he is hiding. At that time, his wife is calling and Nikos is finding out that she cheats him with his brother.

He is collapsing and when he recovered, he realized “the hard way” that Kiriakopoulos is a gay, when his lover(a reporter) comes and they do it in the "The Proud Homeland" office, in the Parliament, to "celebrate" his election. Finally, the President of "The Proud Homeland", reveals to him his real aims and the dark plans of his racist party.

At the same time, outside Parliament an enormous demonstration is taking place. Nikos is going to the conference room, where the politicians are shouting and arguing. There, and after that he experienced the last hours, Nikos realized what really happened in his country and in his life and how important will be his vote for the lives of million people. The terrified, exhausted and depressed homunculus, lets his accumulated anger to erupt and he is voting NO.


Completed Date: September 2012

Pages: 110



















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