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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

Boy Story. Directed by Thanassis Angelopoulos. Greece, 2012. 17’. UK Premiere.


Film Category: fiction/ short

Original Title: Boy Story

English Title: Boy Story

Greek Title: Boy Story

Duration: 17'

Country of origin: Greece

Video online: https://vimeo.com/43761018

Director: Thanassis Angelopoulos

Producer: Thanassis Angelopoulos- Magdalene Remoundou

Production Company / Companies: Stagetrick Entertainment

Brief synopsis in English: A bus station, a video-club, a swimming-pool. A series of random meetings will become the occasion for a “Boy Story” to unroll. Will the hero manage to overcome the suspensions which victimize him since childhood? And will he manage to urge Eirini ask him what is the music he is listening to?

Brief synopsis in Greek: Μια στάση λεωφορείου, ένα video-club, ένα κολυμβητήριο. Μια σειρά τυχαίων συναντήσεων θα γίνει αφορμή να ξετυλιχτεί ένα "Boy Story". Θα καταφέρει ο ήρωας να ξεπεράσει τις αναστολές που τον κατατρέχουν από παιδί? Και θα καταφέρει να κάνει την Ειρήνη να τον ρωτήσει τι μουσική ακούει?

Release Date: July 2012

Original Format: digital

cast: Giorgos Papageorgiou, Anastasia Chatzara, Kostas Berikopoulos 
music by: Konstantinos Payiatis
Director of photography: Kostas Matikas
Editing: Christos Hatzimparmpas


Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide:
18th Athens International Film Festival 2012
6th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2012
5th Art Fools Digital Short Film Festival in Larissa 2013
Awards and nominations:
Cinematic Achievement Award in 6th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2012



















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