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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

Dead zone. Directed by Danae Papaioannou. Cyprus / France, 2011. 3.46. UK Premiere.


Film Category: SHORT FILM

Original Title: DEAD ZONE

English Title: DEAD ZONE

Greek Title: ΝΕΚΡΗ ΖΩΝΗ

Duration: 0346

Country of origin: CYPRUS / FRANCE

Video online: https://vimeo.com/62688877

Director: Danae PAPAIOANNOU

Producer: Danae PAPAIOANNOU

Production Company / Companies: independent production

Brief synopsis in English: Nicosia, Cyprus. A city split in half for the past 38 years. On one hand, the turkish side. On the other, the greek. In the middle, the military dead zone. A land where time seems to have stopped. A young woman is mystically drawn by the sound of prayers coming from the other side. But as far as she looks, her eyes cannot go beyond the barricades. This project can also be screened as a video art installation, with two separate screens facing eachother.

Release Date: March 2013

Original Format: HD

Credits: starring: Polyxenie Savva

Original Language(s): mute

English Subtitles:  -



















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