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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

Everybody. Directed by Gm Touliatou. Greece, 2013. 2’. World Premiere.


Film Category: Video Art

Original Title: Everybody has a plan

English Title: Everybody

Greek Title: Everybody

Duration: 2min

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Gm Touliatou

Producer: Gm Touliatou

Production Company / Companies (please write “Independent Production” if none): Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: The video presents us with the occasion of a leisurely walk at St. Petersburg, Russia. A shot at the river Neva is followed by a shot at the city-centre, however, the sentence EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN / UNTIL THEY GET PUNCH IN THE FACE appears unexpectedly in the beginning of the video to stress the structure that it is based upon; thereafter, a whole range of possibilities remains open. Υet, the particular sentence is not the object of a statement, but the subject’s investment in a proposition, the awkward moment of realising it and considering it as a sad truth. Hence, in alliance with the mistimed, pseudo-nostalgic sound of “jingle-bells” that covers the video, it suggests a ‘modality’ of the assertion and not just a narrative’s intriguing part of content.

Release Date: 12.02.2013

Original Format: mini DV

Credits: Anthony P: Greetings

Original Language(s): English



















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