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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

Food for love. Directed by Marianna Economou. Greece, 2013. 52’. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Documentary

Original Title: Food for love

English Title: Food for love

Greek Title: -

Duration: 52’

Country of origin: Greece

Video online: http://vimeo.com/60158152

Director: Marianna Economou

Producer: Lilette Botassi

Production Company / Companies: Inkas film Productions

Brief synopsis in English:

Three Greek mothers cook and send food packages to their children who study away from home. A man in a small van delivers the mothers’ food to students across Greece. Food in the hands of Greek mothers, is a powerful practical and symbolic tool that bridges any geographic and emotional distance and ensures that family bonds are kept tight forever!  With humour and social insight, the documentary opens a window into the particularity of the Greek family with the powerful mother figure at the centre and the children as kings and queens! It explores the interdependent  mother - child  relationship, the complex emotional and psychological dimensions that evolve and the traditional nature of the Greek family at a time when Greek society is struggling  to align  itself to the needs and realities of the western world.         

Release Date:  February 2013

Original Format: HDCAM


Director/script: Marianna Economou
Producer: Lilette Botassi
Executive producer: Christina Stavropoulou
Editor: Elias Dimitriou
Original music: Ilias Pantoleon
Camera/sound: Marianna Economou, Dimitris Katsaitis, Yiannis Missouridis
Sound mixing: George Mikroyannakis
Titles: Elena Matzavinou

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

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