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London Greek Film Festival - Screenplays 2013

Fumus et umbra. Written by Christina Katsiadakis. Greece, 2013.


Script Category: Historical Drama

Original Title: Fumus et umbra

Original language(s): English

English Title: Fumus et umbra

Greek Title: Καπνός και σκιά

Writer(s): Christina Katsiadakis

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English: In Venetian Crete, Venetian lord Da Molin uses his daughter Sophia's wedding in order to settle old scores with the greek rebel family of Kantanoleos.

Completed Date: 15 April 2013

Pages: 84



In 1570, the island of Crete is under Venitian rule for centuries and most venetian lords who own the majority of the land have been assimilated by greek language and culture, even though they keep their catholic faith. Francesco da Molin, lord of the village of Alkianos is one of them. He is married to a Greek lady, Christina and they have a daughter, Sophia, whom he has raised to be a strong and educated young woman, according to the venetian standards.

His land is tortured by the raids of the Kantanoleos family, the family of a local lord, Lissogiorgis. Kantanoleos had unsuccesfully led a rebelion against the venetian rule a few years back and fled to the mountains after his defeat.

As the venetian rector of the island cannot help protect Da Molin's land from the raids, he decides to take things into his own hands. He proposes a wedding between his daughter and Kantanoleos' son, Peter in order to bring peace among the two families.

His plan is far more cunning. He intends to trap the Kantanoleos family on the night of the wedding and have them drugged and killed. But the plans change as Sophia and Peter really fall in love and want to follow their own path.



















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