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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

OST- original soundtrack. Directed by Fanis Logothetis. Greece, 2013. 59. UK Premiere.


Film Category: documentary

Original Title: OST- original soundtrack

English Title: OST- original soundtrack

Greek Title: OST- original soundtrack

Duration: 59.20min

Country of origin: Greece

Video online: www.ost-documentary.gr


Director:Fanis Logothetis

Producer:Spiros Andreadis

Production Company / Companies: independent  production

Brief synopsis in English: OST- original soundtrack is a documentary about music in motion pictures. Its not only addressed to a specialized audience, but also to anyone who loves music and movies.Our film has a purpose to introduce the magical world of cinema and music, the meaning of what original soundtrack is, through an independent collective effort.

Release Date:2013

Original Format:16:9 hd


director: FanisLogothetis, story/research: Spiros Andreadis,editing : Aliki Panagi, original music:George Varsamakis, assistant director: Nikos Kormaris, make up : Anna Dimara. featuring interviews of : Nicola Piovani, Trevor Jones, Pantelis Voulgaris, George Hadjinasios, Perikles Hoursoglou, Panayotis Kalatzopoulos, Vaggelio Andreadaki, Nikos Platyrahos, Nikos Grosdanis, Thanos Fourgiotis, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Simon Bloom, George Varsamakis, Ellie Griva, Nikos Kypourgos.

Original Language(s): Greek, English, French

English Subtitles: Yes



















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