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Payback time. Directed by Aris Chatzopoulos. Greece, 2012. 96’. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Fiction feature film

Original Title: PAYBACK TIME

English Title: PAYBACK TIME


Duration: 96 min.

Country of origin: Greece

Video online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8M6mHErGh8

Director: Aris Chatzopoulos

Producer: Theodoros Spiroglou

Production Company / Companies: STUDIO SIGMA PRODUCTIONS ATHENS

Brief synopsis in English:

Alexis, a man charged for a dark case, is released earlier from prison…While he was in jail, he kept his mouth shut…He knew he was innocent and that others led him to a trap. He felt as if they had stolen four years of his life. Now, he had to find who they were…The time for vengeance is near…

Brief synopsis in Greek:

Ο Αλέξης που είχε κατηγορηθεί για μια σκοτεινή υπόθεση, αποφυλακίζεται νωρίτερα…Όσο καιρό ήταν μέσα κράτησε το στόμα του κλειστό…Ήξερε πως ήταν αθώος και ότι κάποιοι του είχαν στήσει παγίδα. Του είχαν κλέψει τέσσερα χρόνια από τη ζωή του. Τώρα έπρεπε να ψάξει να τους βρει…Η ώρα της εκδίκησης είναι κοντά…

Release Date: 07/12/2012

Original Format: High Definition 1920x1080


Written and directed by: Aris Chatzopoulos, Director of photography: Telis Metaxas, Editor: Michalis Tzaris, Music arrangement: Aris Chatzopoulos, Sound: Vassilis Chrisikopoulos,
Alexis: Christos Liakopoulos, Laoura: Aliki Zacharopoulou, Stavros: Spiros Spantidas, Sophie: Loukia Pesketzi, Spiros: Kostis Savidakis

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: YES

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide: 3rd Peloponnesian International Film Festival  (December 1-9, 2012)  - World premiere 07/12/2012



















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