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So close….so far….. Written by Ioannis Nomikoudis. Greece, 2007.


Script Category: Fiction Feature

Original Title: Τόσο κοντά….τόσο μακριά…

Original language(s): Greek

English Title: So close….so far….

Greek Title: Τόσο κοντά….τόσο μακριά…

Writer(s): Ioannis Nomikoudis

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English:

Demetra Vassiliou, is a teacher, about 35. She is a sweet and nice lady, not so much impressive but she doesn’t pass unnoticed. She is a little bit timid and conservative, sensitive and romantic. She falls in love deeply, passionately and wholeheartedly given to the man she loves.

Vassilis Dimitriou is a 42-43 years old lawyer, a pleasant and sociable guy, with lots of friends. Women find him quite attractive, even though he isn’t particularly handsome.

Both Vassilis and Demetra.have recently divorced and they are trying to organize their new lives.
Vassilis is renting an apartment next to Demetra’s flat. Throughout the story the one is passing very close to the other, but they never can meet each other.

That is the key point of the script: people who live very close, who have similar viewpoints and needs, who possibly could match very well,  they don’t meet each other and they carry on living alone.

During the story, each of them meets relatives or friends, with whom they discuss various issues about sex, relations and affairs. At the same time, because of some misunderstandings and coincidences, Demetra’s mother (Mrs Aleka) and her friend (kera-Despina) draw wrong conclusions about Vassilis and they think that he is a ruthless villain. 


Completed Date: May 2007

Pages: 140



















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