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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

Stories of Greek resourcefulness. Directed by Angélique Kourounis. France, 2013. 8’. World Premiere.


Film Category: documentary

Original Title: Grèce D comme dé brouille

English Title: Stories of Greek resourcefulness

Greek Title: -

Duration: 07:58’

Country of origin: France

Director: Angélique Kourounis

Producer: Angélique Kourounis

Production Company / Companies: CAPA TV

Brief synopsis in English: How can you survive in a country that's on its knees after three years of unprecedented austerity, without social welfare, without a job and without any resources whatsoever for months on end? How will you have access to health care and food and preserve your dignity? Greeks are showing the way through solidarity and resistance.

Release Date: 04/05/2013

Original Format: 16/9 SD


camera : Georgoutsos Jean Christophe, Giannis Misouridis, Angelique Kourounis,
editing : Grégoire de Laage

Original Language(s): French

English Subtitles: Yes



















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