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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

The attic. Directed by Minos Nikolakakis. Greece, 2011. 18í.


Film Category: short

Original Title: ΤΟ ΠΑΤΑΡΙ

English Title: THE ATTIC

Greek Title: TO ΠΑΤΑΡΙ

Duration: 18

Country of origin: GREECE

Video online:  www.dailymotion.com/video/xkmr4q_yy-yyyyyy-teaser-yyyyy-yyyyyyyyyyy_shortfilms#.UWrxqErlpP0



Production Company / Companies: ERT SA

Brief synopsis in English: The fall & rise of an ordinary man and the oddity from the ATTIC. When Manos, a 50 year old man gets divorced from  his wife, he moves in a new house in order to start all over again. Quite unexpectedly he discovers something spectacular. Ziggy, his childhood pop idol, is rehearsing in the most unusual of places. His attic. 

Release Date: 9/2011

Original Format:35mm

Cast: Manos Vakoussis, Maximos Moumouris, Eleni Kalamida, Mariana Lampiri               
Director-Writer : Minos Nikolakakis
Cinematography : Dimitris Theodoropoulos
Production Design : Antonis Daglidis
Music : Minas Alexiades
Editing: Kostas Makrinos
Make up : Evi Zafiropoulou
Sound : Marinos Athanasopoulos


Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide:
34th National short film fest of Drama, Greece 2011 (competition)
52nd Intíl film festival of Thessaloniki, Greece 2011
5th AZA Intíl Short film festival of Thessaloniki, Greece 2012 (competition)
11th London Scifi film fest , UK 2012 (competition)
5th Oporto 7 fest , Portugal 2012 (competition)
16th FLICKERS: Rhode Island Intíl Film Festival 2012 (competition)
10th Mediterranean short film fest Tangier, Morocco 2012 (competition)
6th Reykjavik International film festival, Iceland 2012 (competition)
5th Intíl Short Film Festival Corti and Cigarettes, Rome 2012 (competition)
14th Intíl festival of Patras Greece 2012 (competition)
6th Gotham Intíl festival, USA 2012 (competition)
9th Fenaco Intíl short film fest, Peru 2012 (competition)
Cannes short film corner 2012
7th Jaipur Intíl film festival, India 2013 (competition)
9th Berlin Directorís Lounge, Germany 2013 (competition)
2nd Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine 2013 (competition)
5th Ljubljana International Short Film Festival, Slovenia 2013 (competition)

Awards and nominations: Best cinematography at 34th National short film fest of Drama



















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