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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

The Blink. Directed by Georgios Logothetis. Greece, 2012. 7.15. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Short Film

Original Title: The Blink

English Title: The Blink

Greek Title: -

Duration: 07:15

Country of origin: Greece

Video online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS__zNwVnGw

Director: Georgios Logothetis

Producer: Georgios Logothetis

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: A guy decides to suicide. But when he get consciousness back, he finds himself in a remote beach where he is greeted by St. Peter. There, he has a conversation with the saint, that will change his life forever.

Release Date: 2012

Original Format: m2t

Credits: Kostis Savidakis, Kostantis Mparmpouris, Alexandros Dardamanis, Giorgos Saflianis 

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide: Naousa International Film Festival



















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