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London Greek Film Festival - Screenplays 2013

The deal. Written by John Xanthopoulos. Greece, 2013.


Script Category: fiction feature

Original Title: Η ΣΥΜΦΩΝΙΑ

Original language(s): Greek

English Title: THE DEAL

Greek Title: Η ΣΥΜΦΩΝΙΑ

Writer(s): John Xanthopoulos

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English:

            DENNIS is a thirty three year old lieutenant working for the Homicide Department. He enjoys his holidays in Southern Greece. A murder takes place in the small village where he spends the night.

            The victim is ARGIRIS, a decent householder. His daughter SOPHIA, a twenty year old beautiful girl, testifies all that she knows about her father. An austere father, who had his daughter almost locked up in a cage.

            DENNIS is taking over the case.

            He finds out that ARGIRIS was in total despair because he owed a lot of money to the bank. This is why his killer tried to commit the murder as if it was a desperate suicide act of his.

            While investigating the case, DENNIS falls in love with SOPHIA.

            SOPHIA also enjoys his company, and soon after she also falls in love with him. They start having a secret love affair, because none of them is permitted to expose their feelings. When they end up in bed, though, SOPHIA unexpectedly denies him. She later confesses that she has been sexually abused, and she is harassed by nightmares.

            When DENNIS opens the victim’s bank account, he finds out that almost half of the loan has been already paid by SOPHIA's godfather, TAKIS.

TAKIS happens to be the village’s richest inhabitant. More clues come to the surface, and DENNIS concludes that the killer is TAKIS.

But soon after TAKIS is also found dead. And above all, DENNIS finds out that the person that killed him is no other than SOPHIA! It looks like it is a classic case of revenge.

Or is it not?

            SOPHIA confesses to DENNIS. She explains to him everything:

            TAKIS suggested to ARGIRIS that he would pay off his loan, if he would agree with a most unethical and shocking proposal.

            TAKIS would enjoy SOPHIA’s body for several nights, but he would not “spoil” her!

            He would come to SOPHIA’s bedroom secretly at night, while she would be dragged with the sleeping pills that her father would dissolve in her evening tea.

            But TAKIS did not abide by his promise and raped the sleeping girl.

 ARGIRIS the father, like a raging bull, was eager to expose the beast, and TAKIS decided that the man should be eliminated.

            When SOPHIA discovered that her rapist and her father’s killer was her own godfather TAKIS, she went to his office, took him to the place of her father's murder, and shot him dead.

            DENNIS now confronts a great ethical dilemma: will he deliver his beloved to the authorities, or will he cover her act up? It is duty versus love, and DENNIS finally decides in favor of the later.

            But as soon as he covers SOPHIA's act up and erases all traces of her deeds, he realizes that there is another version of what might have really happened.

SOPHIA might be covering up herself, the promiscuous deal not being agreed between ARGIRIS and TAKIS, but between SOPHIA and TAKIS – her godfather! She might have been his secret mistress in exchange of her freedom, in order to escape from Syraggelo.

            This version of reality will obsess DENNIS’s mind until the end. How innocent is SOPHIA, and how much of a fall guy is he?


Completed Date: 13/5/2013

Pages: 112 in Greek script, 96 for the English translation



















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