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London Greek Film Festival - Screenplays 2013

The man who scared the ghosts. Written by Andreas Karyotis. Greece, 2013.


Script Category: Fiction Feature

Original Title: The Man Who Scared The Ghosts

Original language(s): English

English Title: The Man Who Scared The Ghosts

Greek Title: Ο Άνθρωπος που τρόμαξε τα Φαντάσματα

Writer(s): Andreas Karyotis

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English: The story of a person that owes everything but, he is incomplete. Going from the underworld to a simple life comes with a price. Selling your soul to the devil is irreversible. Finding true love is the only thing that matters. And finally, when a dream comes true, a dream dies, so reconsider.

Completed Date: 19th of March 2013

Pages: 45



















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