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London Greek Film Festival - Films 2013

The Product Manager. Directed by Ilias Florakis. Greece, 2012. 9. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Short Film

Original Title: The Product Manager

English Title: The Product Manager

Greek Title: The Product Manager

Duration: 9 min.

Country of origin: Greece

Video online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yZrgriXv04 

Director: Ilias Florakis

Producer: Ilias Florakis

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: Two generations. Different worlds, different values, same career. And a Big Company that controls their lives. How does the child buried within the man see all this?

Release Date: April 2012

Original Format: HD 16:9


Director/Scriptwriter: Ilias Florakis
Director of Photography:Sean James Sutton
Music: Tassos Sotirakis
Production assistant: Aggeliki-Eirini Mitsi
Editing: Sean James Sutton/Ilias Florakis
Mr Oldman: Takis Sakellariou
Mr Newguy: Euangelos Michalis
special appearance:
Ilias Florakis as The Shadow
also appearing:
"Digital Frame" Team:
Alexis Florakis  - Bungee with skateboard
Petros Gyftoulas - Kite surf
Euangelos Michalis - Scuba Diving
"Party" Team (children):
Eleanna Charta, Petros Florakis, Magda Giatra, Konstantinos Giatras,
Christianna Kollia, Nasia Nikolaidi, Andreas Sotiriou
Patrai Assistance Team:
Eleni Kitsiou - Production assistant
Petros Psomas - Production assistant
Maria Alaniadi - Makeup
George Logaras - Makeup


Original Language(s): No dialogues

English Subtitles:  -

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide: 3rd Peloponnesian International Film Festival 2012



















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