London Greek Film Festival 2014 - Screenplays (script competition)

Baron  Münchhausen' s Deer. Written by Irene Fourtouni. Greece, 2014.


Script Category: Short Fiction

Original Title: Το ελάφι του Βαρώνου Μινχάουζεν

Original language(s): Greek

English Title: Baron  Münchhausen' s Deer

Greek Title:Το ελάφι του Βαρώνου Μινχάουζεν

Writer(s): Fourtouni Irene

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English:
Three days of  a young couple, an old lady and a family of imigrants somewhere in the center of Athens city. A violent incident in their neighborhood knits their stories and an imaginary creature in a park frees them apart; On the first day a heavily injured man is discovered in the garbages. A day before a young pregnant woman has an abortion while watching from her balcony the same man with his two children running away from a violent group of men. A few days later the injured man is safe in a hospital and the couple tries to forget the abortion and move on with their lives. A cheerful child and the stories of Baron Munchhausen help them to laugh.

Completed Date: 23 May 2014

Pages: 4 1/2



















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