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Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London.
Directed by Basil Genimailiotis and Billy Cotsis. 6.11’. UK, 2014. World Premiere.

Film Category: short fiction

Original Title: Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London

English Title: Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London

Greek Title: -

Duration: 6 minutes 11 seconds

Country of origin: UK

Director: Basil Genimailiotis & Billy Cotsis

Producer: Basil Genimailiotis & Billy Cotsis

Production Company / Companies: Over the Hill Productions (independent) and Basil G Productions

Brief synopsis in English: Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London. This is a satirical look at the north vs south divide in London with a little bit of Italian history thrown in. A long time ago, in a reality far, far away, 2 powerful leaders meet head on. At stake is control over London. Caeser is the champion of the south and Brutus has a hold over the north. After an uneasy truce, Brutus and his senatorial gang are looking to get rid of Caeser, the founder of Caesar Salad, but little do they know that unlike Rome, Caesar is coming with his own pose...... This film depicts the divide that exists in London between north and south with the north seeing themselves as more affluent and the south being a place for more ‘real’ people. Each character has a connection to ancient Rome be it through Nero to Cleopatra with each one having had some sort of loose ‘affiliation’ to the UK ie Hadrian’s Wall or the Nero coffee shop. Along the way, this 6 minute film highlights some of the quirky aspects of London life including public transport, which is let down by the closures on the Jubilee Line and the wonderful array of arts, business and people who make up this extraordinary city. A key message of this film is to showcase that London is now once again a united city after the riots that took hold here in recent times.

Release Date: 2014 

Original Format: MP4

Cicero: Vivian Praxoulis
Brutus: Robert Sealey
Hadrian: Jack Swift
Sulla: Mame Gonzales Braconi
Silvio: Lazaros Fotiades
Nero: Billy Cotsis
Ceasar: Darren McSherry
Pompey: Stewart Harrison
Machiatto: Akif Warriach
Cleopatra: Christalla Christallou
Venus: Sameena Elahi

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Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles: -



















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