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Eleni Petraia. Directed by Peter Huby. Greece, 2014. 59’. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Fiction feature film

Original Title: Eleni Petraia

English Title: Eleni Petraia

Greek Title: Eleni Petraia

Duration: 59'

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Peter Huby

Producer: Linda Cox

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: The film is set is Mani, Greece circa 1900. It is a story of Maniot vendetta. A mother seeks revenge for the death of her son and the rape of her daughter. The film was shot on location in Mani.

Release Date: July 2013

Original Format: DV


Eleni Petraia: Lilly Triantari

Maria Petraia, her daughter: Giota liopoulou

Mikalis Petraia, her son: Dimitris Kinisis

Godfather: Stavros Mihos

Petros Morakaias, a kapetan: Ivan Matzaris

Galanis Morakaias, his son: Antonis Koufoudakis

Thieves: Spyros Roumeliotis, Grigoris Roumeliotis

Rich man: Stathis Gyftakis

Young goatherd: Vasilis Tsotras

Priest: Loukas Georgas

Dr. Papadakis: Giannis Pantazopoulos

Madwoman: Ismini Konstantopoulou

Blind musician: Nikos Palaiologos

Singer: Katerina Palaiologou

Girl with baby: Alexandra Matzari

Man rowing boat: Kostas Gaitanaros

Drummer: Giorgos Kladis

Original music: Arion Gyftakis, Stathis Gyftakis

Oud: Nikos Palaiologos

Tambouras: Nikos Palaiologos

Contrabass: Arion Gyftakis

Costumes: Lisa Mylan-Georgousi

Still photography: Mary Wray, Veronica McLoughlin

Production: Linda Cox

Stathi’s moustache: Vanessa Koukoutsi

Written and directed by Peter Huby.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Professor Rowland Wymer, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

An Ad Hoc Production. Greece 2013

Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles: -




















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