London Greek Film Festival - Films 2014

‘EnDtited’. Directed by Evanthia Afstralou & Thomas Wirtz. UK, 2014. 2.56’. World Premiere.


Film Category: Video Art

Original Title: ‘EnDtited’

English Title: ‘EnDtited’

Greek Title: ‘EnDtited’

Duration: 2:56 m

Country of origin: UK

Director: Evanthia Afstralou , Thomas Wirtz

Producer: Evanthia Afstralou , Thomas Wirtz

Production Company / Companies:’Independent production’

Brief synopsis in English: The story of a film never made, told on the credit titles.

Release Date: 2014

Original Format: mp4.

Credits: Thomas Wirtz (music)

URL video on the web:

Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles:  -




















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