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Faces (proSopa). Directed by Eleni Molfetas. Greece, 2014. 7.09’. World Premiere.


Film Category: Experimental

Original Title: «πρόΣωπα»

English Title: Faces (proSopa)

Greek Title: πρόΣωπα

Duration: 07:09

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Eleni Molfetas

Producer:    -

Production Company / Companies: ndependent Production 

Brief synopsis in English: In a society with thousands of people…Everyone ’s  drowning his voice in a glass of water. But as much as you can see the faces around you… you can hear voices, the whispers... and then comes the time when the cup overflows ...
But we still be silent.
What will you do? Will you take out your mask?
You have a choice.
Brief synopsis in Greek:  Σε μια κοινωνία με χιλιάδες πρόσωπα, το άτομο σωπαίνει πνίγοντας τη φωνή του σε ένα ποτήρι νερό. Μα όσο πιο πολύ κοιτάζεις τα πρόσωπα γύρω σου, ακούς τις φωνές, τους ψιθύρους... και τότε έρχεται η στιγμή που το ποτήρι ξεχειλίζει...
Μα μας λένε πρό"ΣΩΠΑ" .
Τι θα κάνεις; Θα βγάλεις τη μάσκα;
Έχεις επιλογή.

Release Date:  February 2014

Original Format: DV

Original music by Maro Theodorakis
Voice: Katerina Spyrou
Cast: Kyriaki Gergerakis, Giorgos Tsourounakis, Mihalis Zaharias, Chris Zahariadis, Veronika Toursiadou, Marianna Sfakianaki, Giannis Savouidakis, Basilis Charisis, Katerina Tsirba, Meropi Christou, Antonis Trikkis, Elli Lazaridis, Mihalis Zekis

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Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes




















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