London Greek Film Festival 2014 - Screenplays (script competition)

Foretold. Written by Gail Sixsmith. UK, 2012.


Script Category: Fiction Feature

Original Title: Foretold

Original language(s): English

English Title: Foretold

Greek Title: προλεχθείς

Writer(s): Gail Sixsmith

Country of origin: UK

Brief synopsis in English:

A contemporary Greek tragedy, this erotic psychological thriller explores the symbolism and themes of the Oedipal Tale, focusing on Esther and her story of lost motherhood.

The story begins with a prologue; the young pregnant Esther travels through the Greek landscape on a bus in the rain. The storm causes a freak accident and Esther, amidst the wreckage, is catapulted into labour. Injured, she passes out as she gives birth to twins, one living one dead. When Sahl stumbles across Esther, in an impetuous act that will come to haunt them both, he steals the living babe, hiding evidence that it ever existed.

Esther carries the scars of this tragic loss into mature adulthood and translates them into her works of art, but her world is turned upside down when Sahl appears uninvited at her Private View. This collision of past demons and present regrets compels Esther to finally confront her painful obsessions, leading her back to Greece and to ‘Arcadia’; the seductive Dionysian Spiritual Cult she was once part of. There she finds an unexpected catharsis through a passionate love affair, but her dark fate catches up with her when Sahl tracks her down and confesses his deadly and perverse secret. It is a secret that will shake the very foundations of her reality; leading to murder, disgrace and sacrifice.

Completed Date: October 2012

Pages: 89



















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