London Greek Film Festival 2014 - Screenplays (script competition)

Helen of Joy. Written by Sheridan Tatsuno. USA, 2014.


Script Category: Fiction Feature

Script Category::  Family Drama

Original Title:   Helen of Joy

Original language(s):  English

English Title:  Helen of Joy

Greek Title:  ---

Writer(s): Sheridan Tatsuno

Country of origin:  U.S.A.

Brief synopsis in English:
Helen, an Athens socialite, falls from grace and must redeem herself by helping others her friends and local orphans.  
The wife of a realtor Giorgio whose wealth has vanished in the market crash, this power couple has lost their friends and children Nataly, Leontis and Kristin who leave in disgust.  When Giorgio dies, Helen must face their coldness. 
Desperate to earn a living, Helen launches a fashion e-commerce company and hires her knitting friends,
but her plans go awry when her past returns to haunt her.  

Completed Date:  May 22, 2014

Pages:  94



















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