London Greek Film Festival 2014 - Screenplays (script competition)

Hope. Written by Nikos Kalpakis. Greece, 2013.


Script Category: Fiction Feature

Script Category: Feature fiction 

Original Title: Hope

Original language(s): English

English Title: Hope

Greek Title: Ελπίδα

Writer(s):  Nikos Kalpakis

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English: 
A stubborn locksmith framed for murder fights to save a little girl from a ruthless child-trafficking ring and clear his name.
Bobby is a repairman. His life is falling part and the only thing that’s keeping him together is the Job. He fixes things and by doing that he hopes that he’ll fix what’s broken inside of him. He has no family, no friends, no emotional connections. Only the work.
Then one day he opens a door he shouldn´t have; a safe house for an international human-trafficking-cartel. Bobby finds a new mission in life.
He starts to follow Isaac, the man who rents the safe house; the man who is behind all of it. But he’s out of his depth.The risks are higher than ever when Zoe, a ten-year-old girl is caught in the middle. After a frantic action sequence he manages to save the little girl, but the consequences are severe.
Isaac has much more power that he could’ve anticipated. He frames Bobby for the kidnapping of Zoe and three more murders that happened in the ensuing struggle.
Now ,Bobby has to find evidence to prove his innocence and at the same time protect Zoe. Over time a father-daughter relationship develops and Bobby and Zoe work together to bring Isaac down.

Completed Date: 2013

Pages: 119



















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