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I'm not staying anymore. Directed by Pinelopi Anastasiadou. Greece, 2013. 8. World Premiere.


Film Category: Short  Fiction

Original Title: "Δεν μένω, φεύγω"

English Title: "I'm not staying anymore"

Greek Title: "Δεν μένω, φεύγω"

Duration: 8min

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Pinelopi Anastasiadi

Producer: Marita Ritzi

Production Company / Companies: Universe - Ike

Brief synopsis in English: A woman who lives with her violent and abusive partner decides to change her life leaving secretly, away from her tyrant. The physical wounds heal, relatively quickly, the wounds of the soul become nightmares though.. Yet the first step has been taken ...

Brief synopsis in Greek: Μια γυναίκα που ζει την βία και την κακοποίηση από τον σύντροφό της αποφασίζει να αλλάξει τη ζωή της φεύγοντας κρυφά, μακριά από τον δυνάστη της. Οι σωματικές πληγές επουλώνονται, σχετικά γρήγορα, οι πληγές της ψυχής γίνονται εφιάλτες. Και όμως το πρώτο βήμα έχει γίνει...

Release Date:2013

Original Format:HD

Marita Ritzi
Dimitris Nikolaidis
Leuteris Zambetogloy
Dimitris Pantos
Antonis Apergis
Yiannis Moraitis
Spyros Kolaitis (short music tnemes)
& Kruder & Dorfmeister ''Bug powder dust''
Pinelopi Anastasiadou
Ioannis Paraskeuopoulos

Marita Ritzi

Director of Photography
Dimitris Koukas

Pinelopi Anastasiadou

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Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes



















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