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Leaving Greece. Directed by Anna Brass. Germany, 2013. 79’. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Documentary

Original Title: Leaving Greece

English Title: Leaving Greece

Greek Title: Leaving Greece

Duration: 79 min

Country of origin: Germany

Director: Anna Brass

Producer: Ferdinand Freising, Anna Brass, Angela Milonaki

Production Company / Companies: University of Television and Film Munich

Brief synopsis in English: In 2008, Afghan teenagers Hossein, Reza and Kaka flee their homeland for Europe, hoping to find freedom and peace. They happen to arrive in Greece, but Greece is at the dawn of the economic crisis and soon it becomes clear that they cannot stay. However, they cannot leave either, since Greece’s frontiers are some of the best monitored in the continent. Yet the three friends keep trying to leave Greece in order to reach another European country and to pass through a legal asylum procedure. This is an undertaking that puts at risk not only their friendship, but also their lives.

Release Date: 28/09/2013

Original Format: DVCPro HD

director: Anna Brass
cinematographer: Anna Brass
editing: Miriam Märk
sound recording: Alireza Golafshan, Hamon Tanin
sound design: Gerhard Auer
music: Angela Aux, Christoph Beck 

Original Language(s): Dari, English, German, Greek, Farsi

English Subtitles: Yes




















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