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Love in the Time of Crisis. Directed by Theopi Skarlatos and Kostas Kallergis. 67’. UK, 2014. World Premiere.


Film Category: Documentary

Original Title: Love in the Time of Crisis

English Title: Love in the Time of Crisis

Greek Title: -

Duration: 67 mins

Country of origin: UK

Director: Theopi Skarlatos/Kostas Kallergis

Producer: Paul Mason/Daniel Harris

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English:

Love in the Time of Crisis is a documentary about the impact of the Greek financial crisis on love, sex and family life.  The film, shot in Athens and Crete, during 2013, documents the lives of young women, couples, people forced into sex work by poverty - and the politicisation of porn.

It explores the unseen effects of the economic crisis on dating, flirting, marriage, childbirth and family life.

With further social upheaval predicted following the election results in May 2014, Love in the Time of Crisis offers a unique and vibrant insight into ordinary people’s responses to Europe’s biggest social catastrophe - beyond the riots and poverty that have been prominent in daily news coverage.

Meet the adults who are forced to live as teenagers, the couples who never miss a riot, the porn director who wants to change politics, the dreamers who have forgotten what it’s like to dream and the professionals who sell their souls for extra cash.

This documentary takes you to some of the darker places of the crisis, but reminds you where you can find the light.

Release Date: October 2014

Original Format: Shot on DSLR

URL video on the web:  

Original Language(s): English/Greek

English Subtitles: Yes



















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