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Memory Reloaded. Directed by Panos Pappas & Despina Charalampous. Greece, 2013. 20. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Short fiction film

Original Title: Memory Reloaded

English Title: Memory Reloaded

Greek Title: -

Duration: 20 min

Country of origin: Greece

Directors: Panos Pappas & Despina Charalampous

Producer: Nikos Moustakas

Production Company / Companies: ERT microfilm, Kinicon, Bad Crowd

Brief synopsis in English: In the Dome of World Archives, the memory of the gifted people has replaced the memory of the computers. Two young citizens, Nichmon and Lara, oppressed by a rigid bureaucracy, meet by chance and their lives connect forever.

Release Date: September 2013

Original Format: 1:85 - DCP


Cast/ Martin Behrman, Kate Malyon (British)

Music/ Manolis Galiatsos (Greek)

Production Designer/ Francois Schuiten (Belgian)

DOP: Ioan Meltzer (Romanian)

Visual Effects: Alex Friderici (USA)

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Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles: -




















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