London Greek Film Festival 2014 - Screenplays (script competition)

Time to Fly. Writen by Gus Nicholson and Ronald G. Main. USA, 2014.


Script Category: Fiction Feature

Original Title: Time To Fly

Original language(s): English

English Title: Time To Fly          

Writer(s): Gus Nicholson and Ronald G. Main

Country of origin: U. S. A.

Brief synopsis in English: Sixteen year old SPIRO RAZATOS has only one thing on his mind, and it isnít girls, cars or doing what everyone in his life wants for him. Itís how he can turn his dream of becoming a stuntman into a career in Hollywood. Growing up in 1970ís Denver and inspired by his nearly blind father, he sees an age-inappropriate movie on a rare father-son outing and grows up wanting to be John Shaft, the first African-American action movie hero in Hollywood history. That is, until he meets COACH BOATWRIGHT, his East High gymnastics coach who helps him understand that his dream isnít to be Shaft, but to be the stuntman who turns Shaft into the movie hero he is. Coach recruits him to the gym team where his natural talents and bravado attract friends and enemies. His estranged parents face off for his future, his father, STEVE, an outcast on the fringes of society and a pariah to the Greek community for abandoning his family to pursue his own artistic dreams. His mother, MARIA, the cathedral church lady, aided by her ally, UNCLE ANDY, buttoned down Greek-American success story and lawyer who helps her reclaim her son by becoming his legal guardian, stifling his dream and putting him to work in the family restaurant business. But, ZOE his soul mate, who wants to be his girlfriend and GUS and SAMI, his sidekicks are willing to help him make movies, a demo reel he can send to Hollywood to prove his worth. When Spiroís antics and stunts attract the attention of the cops, he faces off with enigmatic OFFICER OíDIGH. But will the Denver policeman help or hinder this heroís journey?  Finally, ALAN, African-American jock and fellow gymnast, Spiroís nemesis with talents and aspirations of his own challenges Spiro to a duel to prove whether Spiro is worthy of the Shaft mantel, he corners Spiro on the rooftop of an abandoned church, and instead of giving up, Spiro flies off the roof and lands amid the admiring crowd below he earns an invitation to join Spiroís stunt team. But a tragic accident with dire consequences reveals whether Alan is friend or foe and launches Spiroís ambitions toward their impossible but inevitable conclusion.

Completed Date: 2014





















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