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Tramping. Directed by Demitri Vassiliadis. UK, 2013. 7.


Film Category: Short  Fiction  

Original Title: Tramping

English Title: Tramping

Greek Title: Tramping

Duration: 7 minutes 18 seconds

Country of origin: England, United Kingdom

Director: Demitri Vassiliadis

Producer: Hripsime Khojayan

Production Company / Companies: Independent school production (London Film Academy)

Brief synopsis in English:
A tramp wonders the railway, tunnel, parks of London finding a detached hand, he brings it back with him to his shack and attaches it to a flower sculpture of a woman that he is building. Later two delinquents stumble across his home and become intrigued to discover what lies ahead their actions only lead to trouble and violence as the tramp returns home to find them.

Release Date: 29/10/13

Original Format: FUJI, Eterna Vivid 250D, super 16mm

JB as the Tramp
Idris Sobande as Malik
Tulani Sityata as Reece

Director: Demitri Vassiliadis                                                      
Writer: Robert Hillier
Producer: Hripsime Khojayan
Director of Photography: Jason Kokkinakis
Production Designer: Demitri Vassiliadis
Editor: Robert Hillier
Sound Recordist: Yogesh Sudhakara
Sound Designer: Demitri Vassiliadis
Make-up & Hair Designer: Justine Emma
Camera Operator: David Palm
Focus Puller: Robert Hillier
Clapper Loader: Margarida Correia
Gaffer: Danny Ku, Lex De Vroomen, Daniel Reimer, Giacomo Hug
Boom Operator: Ana Paula
Script Supervisor / Continuity: Maria Mendez and Dasha Shiryanova
First Assistant Director: Lisa Fishcer
Second Assistant Director: Daniel Isebor
Art Director: Demitri Vassiliadis
Storyboard Artist: Demitri Vassiliadis
Associate Producer: Simon Flynn and Irina Guimaraes
Executive Producers: Daisy Gili and Anna Macdonald

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Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles: -



















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