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Viscera. Directed by Vasilios Papaioannu. USA, 2014. 8.27’. World Premiere.


Film Category: Experimental

Original Title: Viscera

English Title: Viscera

Greek Title: Evτόσθια

Duration: 8 minutes and 27 seconds

Country of origin: USA

Director: Vasilios Papaioannu

Producer: Vasilios Papaioannu

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: Viscera explores the aesthetic world of mental images. The colors are saturated unveiling the past. The shapes blurry, lost in layers of thought, circumscribed landscapes full of characters in the middle of idle, uncompleted processes. The memory of a mysterious woman is merged with the slow pacing of the camera, transforming trees into cerebral ramified joints that connect us with our emotional world. A foreign radio transmission echoes inside our brain, bouncing from wall to wall like in a white stark room. Two girls are playing a peculiar game of silences. Inside that room time runs out fast, and they are both projected into their common fantasy of death. Viscera is a phantasmagorical world. Raw anarchic segmented stories are visually distributed with slow-fast editing. Echoed sounds covered by the dust of time, surround segments of forgotten memories. Viscera dissects the human body exposing it to reality. A woman is facing the viewer delivering a very important message. The mind, the weakness of remembrance, distorts the image, making it unreadable. Viscera is a dispersed piece of human subconscious exploded into images.

Release Date: May 2014

Original Format: HD & 16mm

Writing, Direction, Production, Editing: Vasilios Papaioannu
Cinematography,Camera Operation: Vasilios Papaioannu & Danila Usov
Cami Brown
Caroline Castro
Keaton Fox
Tian Guan
Hassan Jones
Casie Kowalski
by Chris Zabriskie
CC 2014
by Studio Noir
CC-NC-ND 2014
by Chris Reider
CC-NC-SA 2014
by Marco Raaphorst
CC-NC-SA 2014
by Lee Rosevere
CC-NC 2014

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Original Language(s): English

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