London Greek Film Festival 2016 - Video Poetica Poetry Competition




Christina Karyioti, Greece. Poems in competition: 1


Title of the poem 1 in English: Mystery in Mykonos
Title of the poem 1 in Greek: -


Mystery in Mykonos

If fortune is what you seek sincere
the only place to look is here
from ancient Greeks the myths appear
so do not doubt if they are real

If we may say the time and year
itís hard but certain in times of fear
just try to sense the atmosphere
by paying attention on what you hear

There was a captain with long dark beard
his name ďAdakrisĒ which means ďcanít tearĒ
spending his life in his shipís gear
which had the shape of small green pear

Everyone was trying to make him blear
but his face remained as always clear
no longer wanted himself endeared
until he died alone and drear

From that day on the wind appeared
people say thatís his way to tear
as sign of grief a kind of seer
thatís what made island dried and sere





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