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The revelation of the Beast. Directed by Thanassis Bourliaskos.
Greece, 2014. 17'. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Short Fiction

Original Title: Η Αποκάλυψη του Θηρίου

English Title: The Revelation of the Beast

Greek Title: Η Αποκάλυψη του Θηρίου

Duration: 17'

Country of origin: Ελλάδα/Greece

Director: Θανάσης Μπουρλιάσκος/Thanassis Bourliaskos

Producer: Θανάσης Μπουρλιάσκος/Thanassis Bourliaskos

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: An amateur radio producer dares to separate people in to beasts, wild animals and sheep. A few days after his manager at work asks him to choose which group he belongs to.

Brief synopsis in Greek: Ένας ερασιτέχνης ραδιοφωνικός παραγωγός τολμάει να χωρίσει τους ανθρώπους σε θηρία άγρια και πρόβατα. Μερικές μέρες μετά, ο διευθυντής του στη δουλειά του ζητάει να επιλέξει σε ποια ομάδα ανήκει.

Release Date: 18th September 2014

Original Format: 16:9

Credits: Cast: Panis Kalofolias, Thanassis Chalkias, DOP: Stathis Galazoulas, Sound Engineer, mix and design: Dimitris Giannopoulos, Editing: Kyriakos Gikas, Art Director: Anna Veskouki, Written and Directed: Thanassis Bourliaskos

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide: 20th Athens International Film Festival, YOURIA 2016 Athens Underground Film Festival, 4th Athens Digital Film Festival, Divan Film Festival (2016) Cetate-Romania.

Awards and nominations: Honorary Distinction (4th Athens Digital Film Festival)






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