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Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London. Directed by Billy Cotsis & Basil Genimahaliotis.
UK / Australia, 2014. 6'. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Experimental

Original Title: Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London

English Title:

Greek Title:

Duration: 6.11

Country of origin: London, Australia

Director: Billy Cotsis & Basil Genimahaliotis

Producer: Basil Genimahaliotis & Billy Cotsis

Production Company / Companies: Over the Hill Productions (independent) and Basil G Productions

Brief synopsis in English: When Zorba gets dumped by his girlfriend for a rich finance guy he turns to internet dating. A satirical look at love and life in Australia, with a hilarious twist at the end. This is the follow up to Zorba goes to Sydney and the award winning Draconian Decision of the German Drachma. This film shows that not all is what it seems to be, expect the unexpected! Watch out for our tribute to the Return the Greek Marbles to Greece campaign, same sex marriage, Elvis and the value of friendship.

Brief synopsis in Greek: -

Release Date: 2014

Original Format:

Brutusí Gang
Brutus: Robbo Sealey
Hadrian: Jack Swift
Sulla: Mame Gonzales Braconi
Berlosconi: Lazaros Fotiades
Nero: Billy Cotsis
Caesar and his Posse
Caesar: Darren McSherry
Pompey: Stewart Harrison
Machiatto: Akif Warriach
Cleopatra: Christalla Christallou
Venus: Sameena Ellahi
Cicero: Vivian Praxoulis

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles:   -





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