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Firefly. Directed by Georgios Soumelidis. Greece, 2015. 13'. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Short Fiction

Original Title: Firefly

English Title: Firefly

Greek Title: Firefly

Duration: 13.20

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Georgios Soumelidis

Producer: Georgios Soumelidis, Stephanie Capetanides

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: Two former agents went separated due to unpleasant events. Now they meet again after a long time…

Brief synopsis in Greek: Δυο πρώην πράκτορες διασπαστήκανε μετά από κάποια δυσάρεστα γεγονότα. Τώρα συναντιούνται ξανά μετά από πολύ καιρό..

Release Date: May 2015

Original Format: DCP

Credits: Script: Georgios Soumelidis, Stephanie Capetanides
DOP, editing, music composer, sound design, special effects: Georgios Soumelidis

Cast: Alexander Troshin, Stephanie Capetanides


Original Language(s): English

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide:

  • 8th Larissa International film festival Artfools 2016
  • 38th Drama film festival 2015
  • 21st AIFF Athens International Opening nights 2015
  • 3rd FICCS Festival Internacional de Cortos del SALADO, Argentina 2015
  • Festival de Cine al Carrete, Reel film festival, Colombia 2015
  • 6th FICMA IFF, Colombia 2015






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