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Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair.
Directed by Angélique Kourounis. Greece, 2016. 90'. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Documentary

Original Title: Aube Dorée: Une Affaire Personnelle

English Title: Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair

Greek Title: Χρυσή Αυγή: Προσωπική Υπόθεση

Duration: 90΄

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Angélique Kourounis

Producer: Loukas Stamellos

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: My partner in life is a Jew, one of my sons is gay, another is an anarchist, and I am a left-wing feminist as well as a daughter of immigrants. If Golden Dawn comes to power our only problem will be which wagon they will put us on. A journalist is delving for years into the organization of the Greek neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn”.

Brief synopsis in Greek: Ο σύντροφός μου είναι Εβραίος, ο ένας γιός μου γκέι, ο άλλος αναρχικός κι εγώ αριστερή φεμινίστρια, κόρη μεταναστών. Αν η Χρυσή Αυγή έρθει στα πράγματα το μόνο μας πρόβλημα θα είναι σε ποιό βαγόνι θα μας βάλουν. Μια δημοσιογράφος ερευνά για χρόνια την οργάνωση του ελληνικού νεοναζιστικού κομματος «Χρυσή Αυγή».

Release Date: April 2016

Original Format: FullHD 1080

Angélique Kourounis, Thomas Iacobi
English: Alexia Eastwood
French & Greek: Angélique Kourounis
Dionissis Goutzouris
Angélique Kourounis
Thomas Iacobi
François Chevré
Antonios Dimopoulos
Jean Christophe Georgoutsos
Thomas Iacobi
Angélique Kourounis
Theseus Bitter Kourounis
Yiannis Misouridis
Georgos Paterakis
Thomas Iacobi
Editing / Post-Production / Sound engineering
Antonios Dimopoulos
Penny Psychogiou
Loukas Stamellos
Alexia Eastwood
Loukas Stamellos
Petros Stergiou
Ilias Panayiotaros – Golden Dawn M.P.
Nikos Zervas – Golden Dawn Internal Security
Ourania Michaloliakos –  Golden Dawn MP – Leader of party youth
Yiannis & Stella Svengos
Ilias Kasidiaris – Golden Dawn M.P. – In charge of GD’s Ideology sector
Haris Mexas – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group
Ioulia Mexas – Family of Haris Mexas
Marianthi Mexas – Family of Haris Mexas
Yonus Mohammadi MD – Former President of the Afghan Community in Greece
Din Mohammad – Victim of racist attack
Konstantina Stamatiou – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group
Maria Kefalas – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group – Women’s Front – Green Wing
Soultana Karalis – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group
Zeta Heliotis – Member of Golden Dawn – Southern Athens local group
Yannis Paplomatas – Actor
Thodoris Eleftheriadis – Actor
Pavlos – Metropolitan Bishop of Sisanion and Siatista (Orthodox Church of Greece)
“Kyriakos” – Former Golden Dawn member
Dimitris Kousouris – Historian – Victim of attack by Golden Dawn
Aris Hadjistefanou – Journalist
Ilias Nikolakopoulos – Pr. of Sociology – University of Athens
Symeon Kedikoglou – New Democracy (conservative) MP – Government Spokesperson (2014)
Dimitris Psarras – Journalist – Author: “The Black Book of Golden Dawn”
Thanos Dokos – Dr. of International Relations & Strategy – Cambridge
Production Manager
Loukas Stamellos
Promotion & Publicity
Graphics Design
Vincent Vaury
Antonios Dimopoulos
Original Soundtrack
Antonios Dimopoulos

Original Language(s): Greek, French, English

English Subtitles: YES





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