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REVIEW AND ANALYSIS SERVICE for Films and Screenplays

This is a bright new service by London Greek Film Festival and Cosmocinema, that offers you a 500 words professional analysis of your film project or screenplay, in Greek or English.

Analysis including: general film or screenplay review, narrative structure review, characters review, writing approach review (for screenplays), directing approach review (for films).

Once you will order it, and we receive the material, the review will be ready for you in about 2-4 weeks, depending from the project.

Your film project must be either online available (i.e. in vimeo) or you can send it to us using a free transfer service, in MP4 file (i.e. via We don't accept DVDs or material via post.

Screenplays must be send to us via email only, in pdf or word .doc files.

By buying this service, you accept that you are the owner of this work, and you have full rights upon your work, including copyright.

Review and analysis fees service for films or screenplays are not refundable.


Buy Film or Screenplay Review Now in 2 simple steps:

1. Please pay the fees for this service.


LGFF - Project Review and Analysis


2. Please, send the submission material online via email (link or texts etc) or via wetransfer or other similar service, in the following email:
submissions [at]
                                                              *please replace [at] with @ symbol to send email























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