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11th annual London Greek Film Festival: 7-12 May 2018  

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London Greek Film Festival 2018 - Selected screenplays in competition



Selected films 2018

Selected screenplays 2018
list with no specific order - in competition for Odysseus Awards and Cosmocinema Awards



Fiction Feature Scripts (σενάρια μυθοπλασίας μεγάλου μήκους)

Potnia. Written by Julie Lacy. UK, Greece.

Histrionic Haircut. Written by Andriana Farmakis & Thodoris Nikolaides. Cyprus.

Stiff Hand. Written by Georgios Mastrakoulis. Greece.

A Sunset in Kithira. Written by Alexis Andritsos. Greece.

Mafia. Written by Tasos Skiadas. Greece.

Somnium. Written by Antonios Efthymiou. Germany.

Tributes. Written by Christina Dimitriadou. Greece.

And Jonah got out of town… Written by Christos Kanlis. Greece.

Allegro Moderato. Written by Flora Prisimintzi. Greece.

Crossroads. By Anna Tenezi. Cyprus.

The Invincible Ballerina Versus the Immortal Time. Written by Petros Kronis. Cyprus.

Girl gone Greek. Written by James Collins & Rebbeca Hall. UK

Press the emergency button. Written by Vasilis Tsiokas & Katerina Vaimaki. Greece.


Short Fiction Scripts (σενάρια μυθοπλασίας μικρού μήκους)

The brother. Written by George Avraam. Cyprus.

Feed. Written by Pinelopi Korozi. Greece.

Hypnos. Written by Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis & Athanasia Michopoulou. Greece.

The salesman. Written by Vasileios Kalamakis, Marialena Varela. Greece.

The Farm. Written by Christina Dimitriadou.

Identity. Written by Domniki Kastanaki. Greece.

A day in the life of Will. Written by Maria Katsounotou, Dora Katsounotou. Cyprus.

Alise’s Game. Written by Maria Papadopouolou. Greece.

O Jackie. Written by Nick Pelas. UK.

Zorbas revisited. Written by Ralf Hochstrasser. Switzerland.

Obscure. Written by Eirini Paraskevopoulou, Theodoros Tsintsonis. Greece.
















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